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Agent Support

As a Regions agent you will find we have a multi-layered approach to help you succeed!

When you first join Regions, our team ensures that you are credentialed with specific carriers tailored to your initial interests and individual needs.  Whether you are predominantly a health or life agent wanting to expand your book of business or new to the industry, Regions provides a turn-key solution. Regions has strategically aligned ourselves with top products and Carriers that provide financial peace of mind to your Clients.


LAYER ONE:  Seamless on boarding process through SureLC to appoint and manage Agent documents on an ongoing basis for RHG Agents.


LAYER TWO:  Our fully staffed in-house sales team of licensed agents support weekly training webinars that vary from the newest sales techniques shared by our own top producers to product training ensuring your knowledge is up to date in real time. One on one sales support is readily available to ensure your success.  Additional yearly Game Plan meetings are held prior to Open Enrollment to sharpen skills, enhance produce knowledge, and allow agents a professional atmosphere in which to grow and thrive.


LAYER THREE:  Region’s lead programs offer our Agents opportunities to secure leads through our VISA prepaid Referral Card Program, participation in the **HEALTH LEAD PROGRAM, as well as marketing techniques to put you out there to bring them in.


LAYER FOUR:  Regions offers a variety of work spaces to accommodate each Agent’s preferences.  Are you comfortable manning a local store on a daily basis to meet walk in customers?  Or do you prefer selling over the web in a call center setting?  How about working from the comfort of your own home office?  Whichever you prefer, we have an option available.  Let’s talk.


LAYER FIVE:  RHG has a dedicated team in our Commission Accounting Department to manage accounts, pay weekly and monthly commissions, and provide assistance in times of need.  They are just an email away.

Five LAYERS to demonstrate RHG’s commitment to its Agents.  Each layer is strong and supportive.  To know us is to love us.

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