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By: Chris Henry


I am having success wrapping up Trio- med, Plan enhancer and Life with Living benefits (ABR’s) for the purpose of first $ immediate protection for an accident or actual hospital stay. Then access up to $250,000 for Terminal, Chronic or Critical illnesses (16) triggers. I use $250,000 as a face amount because it seems to be the sweet spot Anico has provided. Using the expert app with express issue is a producers dream.  Keeping it super simple with my prospect on a shared screen or a phone call. For those agents working out of their homes, you can do this in your pj’s. No face to face appt needed. I give them actual examples of accidents/sickness issues that I have seen and read about over the last 20 years in this business. The cost of the claims are crippling themselves for the uninsured. This is a 100% emotional sale that requires an excellent presentation with real conviction. So be prepared with a shared screen or a phone appt. I wrote two Anico signature term’s last Thursday, went fishing for the weekend came home they were both issued/paid. I totally take this plan away. They need to qualify. They check RX, MIB, and MVR. If it’s a match, ISSUED-PAID!


There are still 3.2 million uninsured consumers in Florida, many of whom do not receive subsidies and are prime candidates for the Foundation ‘triple play’. So, really there are no excuses to pay for at least two deals a week if you’re talking to even a few people per week.  On the very conservative side, that’s somewhere around $1500 a week income. Easy Peasy!


By the way, the RHG lead room is producing excellent leads for foundation for just 10.00 eqach for exclusive health leads who are the perfect candidate for the foundation triple play.