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Dave Fenderson, VP Salesnew-directions

We will be going in a new direction this year. In fact, 4 new Directions. We have been focused on Health for most our income and yours for years. This year we are launching 4 new initiatives along with our normal focus on Health. These 4 Market Initiatives are Life, Senior, Middle Class and Business.

We will be asking Store Agents and selected Field Agents to choose one additional Initiative for training and production.  Although you can write any type of insurance we offer, we would like to provide more in-depth training, rewards, and incentives to those who wish to specialize. You can compare this approach to selecting a College Major.  Everyone in college will get some English, History, and Science, but only Biology Majors take advanced courses in Biology.

Those who select a “Major” will be included in a “Club” of that specialty. These Clubs will be called the Life Club (not the App-A-Week Club) for those who want to earn a significant percentage of their income from Life Sales, Senior Club for Senior Citizen or those that will be 65 soon, Club 360 for the Middle Class who do not qualify for a Discount and the Business Club for those who want to market to small businesses rather than individuals. Like all clubs, members have their privileges.

This February, we will start a new curriculum of Basic Courses that everyone is eligible to attend and advanced courses that will be offered only to members of Club for that specialty.

I will use the Life Club to describe how this and the other initiatives will be carried out. There are presently 27 agents in the Club and 3 open slots. Starting in the second week of February, we will hold a Basic Workshop in Jupiter for 22 attendees. This Workshop will be run live on Go To Meeting and recorded for listening at a more convenient time. The Club Members will be given first shot at the available seats. This Workshop will only deal with Life Insurance. It will contain a Company Speaker, an Agent Speaker or Panel, Read-Throughs or Role Playing and a Quiz to see if the attendees were paying attention. The Workshops will run from 9:30 to 3:30 with lunch provided.  Since they will be broadcast live, there will be no need to stay overnight. Later in the month an Advanced Workshop will be held in the same format but for members only.  It will deal with the topic in more depth. For example, Internal Rate of Return, Premium Financing, and Buyers Social Styles will be discussed. This is material that the occasional agent doesn’t need to know.

Each Club has a natural lead product.  Life is Mortgage Protection; Senior Market is Medicare; the Middle Class is Compass 360, and Business Market is Group Medical. Then each will have supporting products and services that pertain to that market. For example, the Business Market will have Voluntary Employee Benefits and Senior Market will have Final Expense. There will also be services that we can offer or facilitate.

Examples of these services that we could facilitate are Wills and Medical Directives.  Every Agent should establish a relationship with an Attorney who can prepare these documents for his clients. We would be doing a valuable service for our clients and hopefully creating a referral source with the Attorney.

This new approach will help provide you with a yearlong stream of predictable income so that you won’t be relying on Health Commissions for all your income. For it to work, you and we must make a commitment to make it work. To be in a Club, you should:

  1. Email me your selection. Please do this today.
  2. Plan to make a premium commitment, both a Sure-Thing Goal and a Stretch Goal.
  3. Attend the Advanced Workshops for you chosen Club. You can attend, watch live on your laptop, or listen to the recoded sessions.
  4. Participate in the Club’s activities and objectives.  Be open minded and helpful to other members.
  5. Devote most your time to the sale of these products during the period between OEs.
  6. Agree to let us post your Sales on the Scoreboard
  7. And, enjoy the extra rewards and recognitions that comes with your success.

In the past, we have not helped you with a clear objective after OE. This year, that changes. If you want to soar with the Eagles, then you must spread your wings and go to work. If not, you can dig in the dirt for bugs and worms like the Turkeys!  Which do you want to be?

Please tell me your Club choice this week so we can get started helping you make money.