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By: Chris Henry,  Stuart Compass Health Store Manager


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Have a Plan, get Organized and Results will follow. 


Hello everyone.  You all may not know me.  My name is Chris Henry and I manage the Stuart Compass Health store.  My brother Bruce, RHG President, asked me to write up a summary of my sales from this past week working from my store.  Here is what I sold this past week:


2 Florida Blue ACA plans (3 members)

6 Foundation plans + 6 TrioMed + 3 Plan Enhancers

3 ANICO Term Life w/ Living Benefits


In total, 20 members equaling $40,655 in AP.   The trick is to generate similar results each and every week.  In order to accomplish this, you need to have a plan and support it.


It’s A Conversation……keep it casual and non-threating. Advise and consult – don’t sell. 


For the most part, having a good week simply requires an Excellent Presentation and having enough people to speak with. I’ve always been successful when I have three sources of prospecting to work from.  Being in a store automatically provides me with one source – walk-ins.  In addition, I have always asked for referrals and purchased RHG exclusive telemarketing leads for the absurdly low cost of $10 each.  The TM leads are available to all RHG agents at the subsidized cost of just $10 each (do you have a monthly marketing budget in place?).


  1.  Buy the TM Leads

  2.  Ask for your Referrals (it’s in your presentation)

  3.  Walk-ins


Working from a store is a true gold mine. If I wasn’t in the store Monday AM to greet a walk-in or stayed late Wednesday to meet a referred appointment, my week would have been less than stellar.  You need to have regular hours for your store and posted on the window so the local community knows when you will be there and when you won’t.   If you are not posting your business hours of operation, people will not come by as often.


The local Small Biz owners & Self Employed in your community need your guidance to protect their business and families.  We need to package the plans properly and RHG has the best products your customers need to protect themselves and their businesses.  Do you have excellent presentations for each of our CORE products including:  ACA, ACA Alternative (Foundation), NatGen & USAble Ancillary, Medicare, and perhaps the most important of all – Life with Living Benefits?  With this group of products, you can protect virtually anyone you speak to or meet with and save them a bundle of money.


If you are selling via phone a shared screen is BEST (ex. Mikogo, Join Me).  Visuals are much stronger then audio when communicating and presenting the product(s) to your client.  Using a screen share will also allow you to stay in control of your conversation and have their full attention. 


I felt secure knowing I did my job last week, knowing I designed a ‘total protection plan that’ provides my clients with a lower cost product for health (Foundation) and package in the TrioMed, Gap Enhancer, and Long Term protection with ANOICO Living Benefits.


You are on stage when you’re presenting our products with a consumer – do you know your script and have rehearsed your presentation? My recommendation……..just make it a conversation.


I am happy to speak with you.  I can be reached at:


Chris Henry

772.546.2299 x 206