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Leads, Leads, Leads.  Let’s get back to grass roots.  We’re in a numbers game – the more people you talk to – the more sales you’ll make and the greater your income.  It’s the old adage “the harder I work, the luckier I get”.   When I started in the business in 1987 in Boston as an agent, there was no lead program available to me.  My father is the person who directed me into the insurance business.  And since I was young with no prior experience, I did exactly as he said.  While I was studying for my AH&L license, I walked into businesses up and down Main St USA, and introduced myself as their local representative for the ASBA (American Small Business Association – who no one had ever heard of but it sounded official!).


I didn’t even have a business card to give them, so I asked for their card and wrote down their info on the back so I had something to talk about once I was appointed.  I collected over 400 business cards over two months.  Once I was appointed, I spent the next 4 months following up with the 400 prospects and making certain I asked for referrals from every sale.  After six months, I was the top agent in the office and offered a Regional Manager’s position in Chicago, which I gladly accepted (on my own nickel by the way – covering my moving expense and showing up in Chicago with 0 agents and no overrides).


Anyway……my point is….what are you doing to build your business?  Anything?  Do you have a budget for lead generation?  Are you setting minimum goals for the week, month and year? Maybe a minimum of 10 appointments per week?  Maybe 25 calls per week to self-employed people? Spending 1 day per week canvassing local businesses?  Or is every day the same – with you waking up and waiting for something to fall into your lap?


Some of the best agents I know, generate the majority of their business through referrals.  But – they all have multiple lead programs they support to generate the volume of business they need to reach their income goals.  It maybe be a network meeting, or purchasing leads, or local advertising, etc.  Bu they have a plan and they support it year-round.  They have consistency to their actions which breeds consistent results.


RHG & Compass Health are here to help.  Having the Florida Blue brand on our Compass Health (CH) stores is terrific as every consumer recognizes the Florida Blue brand.   You can use the Florida Blue brand pre-approved advertising materials as a licensed RHG or CH agent as well.  And you should.  We have just produced a new Compass Health consumer pamphlet that can be customized with your contact information.  This is a great piece to hand out to local businesses and let them know you are their local CH & Florida Blue agent and can help them with a multitude or products.


Click link to view Compass Health Consumer Pamphlet


Joe Gandy is RHG’s new Creative Director.  Joe does great work and he can work with you on any type of customized advertising, marketing, table cloths, etc. you may need help with.   As an example, our store manager in Ft. Pierce, Gerald Koziel, worked with Joe to construct an ad he can use in the local newspaper and other collateral.


Click here to view the Advertisement


On the company front, we are piloting our first ever Compass Health TV commercial.  This spot will begin April 15th and run every two weeks through June 31st.  The pilot, will run on network TV (not just cable) on the major networks airing on the following schedule:

WPEC CBS 12:   Sat – Sun              6:00 AM – 9:00 AM         Newsgiphy

WPBF ABC 25:  Sun                         7:00 AM – 8:00 AM         News

Mon – Tues          10:00 AM – 11:00 AM       Dr. Oz

Mon – Tues           3:00  PM –   4:00 PM        Dr. Oz

Mon – Tues           4:00 PM  –   5:00 PM        Ellen

WPTV NBC 5:    Sun                          8:00 AM –   9:00  AM       News

Mon – Tues           6:00 AM –   9:00 AM        News


We are hopeful we will generate a lot of leads from this campaign as well educate the local consumers about the Compass Health brand which will help drive traffic into our stores.  The Ad will be run from Boca Raton to Vero Beach.


Click link to view the TV Commercial


We also are staffing up our Telemarketing Room now that OE is behind us.  Rebecca Register is now managing the room and doing a terrific job.  We are adding staff each week.  As an RHG or CH agent, you can order exclusive tele marketed leads for just $10 each!   The leads we are producing right now reach out to self-employed and small business owners.  We have just made application for our Telemarketing Consumer licenses which will allow us to contact individual consumers who are not on the ‘do not call’ list.


Right now, we are producing the following leads types:


  • Health, ACA QLE’s and Foundation Plan
  • Life w/ Living Benefits
  • Disability (Assurity Century and Combined SickPay Plus)


Once we receive our Individual License from the state of Florida, we will be adding the following lead types:


  • Turning Age 65 Medicare
  • Mortgage Term


To place a lead order, please contact Rebecca via email at .  Allow 2 weeks for delivery of your first order.


There are a lot of ways you can generate business year-round with no ceiling on your earning potential.  So, what are you doing to market your business?