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Bruce Henry, President RHG

Whew – Open Enrollment is coming to an end.  I hope everyone had a successful couple of months with renewing your existing clients along with enrolling new ones.  Hopefully, your clients will be a great resource for cross selling other products after OE, as well as providing you with a steady stream of referrals (of course – you will have to actually ask for the referral!).  There is an excellent resource now available to RHG agents to help you improve your referral prospecting (and all sales skills) introduced in today’s newsletter – be sure to check out the HPN University now being offered ‘free’ to RHG agents.

These are exciting times in our industry. Our new President is sworn into office two days from now, and we all know President Trump ran a campaign that included the “repeal and replacement of Obamacare”.  So, here we go again!  Personally, I believe whatever changes are implemented with the current PPACA will broaden the opportunities avialable in the individual market – perhaps significantly.  I expect 2017 to be a terrific year; anytime there is disruption in a market, consumers need an expert (you) more than ever.

So, as we look past Open Enrollment, the RHG Staff and I are preparing a platform that can support sales for our agents and company on a year-round basis.  As an RHG agent, exclusive to Blue (like us!), you will be able to rely on RHG to provide you with leading edge products, lead programs and compensation which will allow you to reach your financial objectives. To this end, we will be announcing our new 2017 agent sales platform including training programs, new products and lead programs to support you.

Here’s what you can expect to hear very soon:

  • February Training Calendar
    • Compass 360 & Compass Xpress
    • Florida Blue Medicare Advantage, Supplement and Final Expense
    • Florida Blue Small Group Product Portfolio
    • Life Insurance with Living Benefits (Term & IUL)
    • RHG Ancillary Portfolio

These workshops and/or webinars will be designed to train on the RHG products with a keen focus on “How To”. What good is a product, if you don’t know how to get it in front of the right prospects and ‘how to’ make the sale.  These sessions will cover the market segment, marketing, sales processes, identifying your prospects, RHG targeted lead programs and everything you need to know to make the sale.

  • RHG Lead Programs: We will be offering a variety of lead programs for 2017 including our own in-house generated telemarketing leads, as well as warm transfers, direct mail and more.  We will be sharing the lead cost with our agents at a 50% subsidy. A lead order form with costs published will be available to place your orders.  I encourage all of our agents to invest in your businesses by establishing a lead budget for 2017 – and stick with it!

Throughout OE, we have been working with rabbittapp to engineer a very cool CRM, whereby all RHG leads will be delivered into each agents rabbittapp CRM in ‘real time’.  You will receive an email each time a lead is delivered to alert you to the delivery.  We are also working with a couple of Carriers such as Combined (SickPay Plus product) to integrate additional products that can be easily converted from lead to sale.

So, we have a lot going on behind the scenes to keep you busy all year-round.  I look forward to seeing each of you in the near future at one of our upcoming events!