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By: Dave Fenderson, VP Sales




We have added a new Life Company to help with the issues at Transamerica.  ANICO has both Term and IUL with Living Benefits.  Plus, they have a Guaranteed Universal Life that Return the Premium at selected intervals. Here are the highlights:

“A” at AM Best and Standard & Poor’s for 50 years.

$2,000,000 Limit on Living Benefits; $50,000 min. Policy Amount

No 2 year Waiting Period for Chronic Illness.  Just the 90-day elimination period with the illness.

Chronic Illness is payable in a Lump Sum, not annually like Trans or monthly like Nat Life

Their Term can be converted to IUL and both will have Living Benefits

Only one other Insurance Company has the number of triggers that ANICO has (16 with 5 for Injury) and that Company is National Life.

All Policies Under $250K have Express Underwriting until July 1st.


No Blood, No APS, No Exams

Just MIB, Drug and MVR reports

60% issued in 3 days

80% issued in 5 days


July 1st Express Underwriting will be increased to $1,000,000.

Ages 0 – 55          $1,000,000

Ages 0 – 65          $500,000

Preferred will be given when the insured qualifies, without an exam

Field Support Phone Number:   888-501-4043 Option 1

You can talk to the Underwriter

This line is good for Illustrations, Product Information, Status of Apps, Supplies


Premiums are generally the lowest we have.  They are the lowest in the Country with Living Benefits and stand up very well against the companies without LB.  See the Table below.


Female, Standard Tobacco, 50, $100,00                                  Male 55 Standard NT, $200,000


Company Premium Company Premium
Columbia  $60.78 GBU  $99.08
TIAA- CREF  $64.00 Principal  $103.34
Cincinnati  $67.76 Foresters  $103.96
Nationwide  $71.65 Ohio  $104.58
Symetra  $76.45 Banner  $108.50
ANICO – 4th $76.12 ANICO – 7th $109.38
National General $100,000 Critical Illness with Term Insurance Monthly Premium $325.65


ANICO $200,000 20 Year Term with Critical Illness Monthly Premium $109.38
Cost of Trans Trendsetter LB Less Cost of a Trans. Super  without Living Benefits Monthly Premium Difference for Male 55 $29.24



This Grid shows the lowest cost Term Policies in Florida for the specific person.  ANICO comes out GREAT.  They are the only one with LB.  I have compared the two ways to purchase Critical Illness coverage.  One is CI alone like the Nat Gen policy or in a Life

policy.  You can see that is cost is Three Times as much to buy CI alone.  To illustrate how inexpensive, it is to add CI, I have subtracted the cost of a TA Super from a TA Trendsetter of the same term.  The difference is only $29.24.


If you sell CI, sell it in a Term or IUL policy.  This Grid shows that we can be very confident selling ANICO Term against anyone.  When ANICO is a little more, you can point out the wonderful advantage that Living Benefits brings to the table.  The other

companies are VERY Slow to issue a policy and have a heavy underwriting hand.  Any way you examine the company, American National Insurance Company is winner.   Sign up at