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CompassXpress: On-Demand Healthcare, Dental, Pharmacy & Vision

CompassXpress is a cost savings plan to help offset high medical related costs not covered by your health insurance. This product can also be purchased on a stand alone basis for those people without health insurance.

  • Telemedicine – OnDemand Healthcare, unlimited consults at no additional cost
  • Dental – Save 15-50% at over 86,000 dentist nationwide
  • Pharmacy – Save on brand & generic drugs at 56,000 pharmacies nationwide
  • Vision – Save 10-50% at over 12,000 vision care centers nationwide

Receive these valuable benefits for just $19.95 per month for an individual or $29.95 per month for your family.

Accident Insurance

Accidents happen. A simple slip and fall can find you sitting in the emergency room with a broken arm. Your major medical plan may cover some of the expenses. But you’re likely to be responsible for expenses like deductibles, copays, uncovered treatments, transportation and caregiver costs. Now, instead of worrying about what your plan pays, you can focus on getting better. With accident insurance, you can pay for many of those unexpected medical costs that your health plan may not cover.

Accident insurance pays benefits when you’re injured. Assurant and Washington National have plans that can help pay for expenses that your health plan may not fully cover, like deductibles.

Plans include:

  • Access to any doctor or hospital — no network restrictions
  • No waiting period to use your benefits
  • No overall annual or lifetime limit — no matter how many accidents you have

Accident Insurance can also help fill in gaps that your plan may not pay:

  • Deductible and coinsurance
  • Out-of-network costs
  • Travel to the best doctors and facilities
  • Other treatments that your plan may not cover

SickPay Plus®

Nobody plans on getting sick or injured. And if you’re not financially prepared, it can be hard to take time off to get well.

SickPay Plus® pays you a benefit beginning the first day you can’t work due to sickness or injury. And even if you’re not employed, SickPay Plus® pays you when sickness or injury prevent you from doing your usual activities, like housework, shopping, childcare.

Critical Illness, Hospitalization Insurance

No one is expecting a critical illness diagnosis or an unexpected hospital stay, but it happens every day. Luckily, surviving a critical illness is becoming increasingly common with advances in medical technology. However, the costs of fighting these illnesses or keeping up with everyday bills can be more than most are prepared to deal with. With supplemental critical illness insurance, you’ll receive a lump-sum cash payment upon diagnosis of a covered condition. If you have a health plan, critical illness insurance will provide benefits in addition to your other insurance coverage.

Perhaps you hear worlds like “cancer” and “heart attack” and automatically assume diseases like these happen to someone older. But the truth is, today’s most common major illnesses and injuries can affect anyone at any time. With Washington National’s Active Care, supplemental solution, you will be giving yourself the extra protection provided by supplemental Insurance.

Dental Insurance

Regular dental care can mean more than a brighter smile — it could also mean better overall health. We offer several stand-alone dental plans. If you need a dental plan to accompany your health care plan we have several types you can choose from. Your teeth and gums are the gateway to good health. If you’re unsure if you can afford dental coverage, you’re like many American adults—but get ready to smile! We will have a plan that will fit your needs and your budget!

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