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Introducing the New Foundation Health Plan from National General. A great individual product offering you a great commission!



As of April 1, 2017, The Compass 360 plan (Short Term Medical) is limited to 90 day terms as directed by HHS/CMS.  So, unless your client has a legitimate reason for purchasing a 30, 60 or 90 STM plan, you really won’t be selling much Compass 360 (STM) anymore.  What are your prospects and current clients going to do if they don’t have a QLE to purchase ACA outside for OE or can’t afford ACA?  Up to this point, the Compass 360 STM has provided a good alternative – although they could still only purchase the product for 11 month increments so your clients never had coverage for pre-existing conditions.

The Foundation Health Plan provides very affordable permanent coverage (we recommend sell Level 1 to leave more money for adding valuable ancillary protection) and will cover their pre x after 12 months.

Here are some good reasons for selling the new Foundation Plan:

  1. No deductible or coinsurance
  2. Benefits begin immediately and offer 1st dollar coverage
  3. Helps pay with everyday routine expenses including Telemedicine at $0 copay
  4. Access to the Multi Plan National PPO with an average savings of 42%
  5. Premium savings up to 75% versus ACA Click here for Pricing Comparison
  6. Offers permanent protection including coverage for pre x after 12 months
  7. Limited Medical Questions (Accept or Reject) Click here for Health Questionnaire
  8. Add on supplemental benefits to provide $0 out of pocket and money to pay for other bills
  9. Stable premiums with little or no annual rate increases

The Foundation Plan is now available on with the following NatGen riders:

  • Plan Enhancer (accident medical expense) + riders: Cancer/Heart & Stroke; Sickness Hospitalization
  • Accident Fixed Benefit
  • Critical Illness
  • TrioMed (Accident and Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness to $10K)

And remember, the Foundation Plan will provide your renewing STM clients with a ‘permanent’ healthcare solution that will cover their pre x after 12 months!

Introducing NatGen Fuoundation Plan Bonus:  Earn up to $100 per Sale for all plans sold with ancillary!

If you need questions answered or training on the New National General Foundation plan and/or available riders, please contact RHG Sales Support at 772.546.2299