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Lucas Zerbe, RHG Product Specialistlemonade

Having the Florida Blue logo on our store windows has increased our walk-in traffic tremendously. But there is a downside that might seem like the proverbial Lemon.

The downside is that the Florida Blue sign draws in these Lemons looking for client services. As an example, a 2-year client of Blue walked in to ask why she received an extremely high renewal invoice.  As with all the similar walk and call-ins, it is easy to consider this a Lemon. But after taking 10 minutes, I converted a downside Lemon into a new sale or some referral, in a word, Lemonade.

I had a woman from Fort Lauderdale walk-in.  She had forgotten to submit her income requirements, lost her subsidy, and was billed a whopping $754. This Hair Dresser was only paying $154. Obviously, this huge jump in premium caused her a great deal of stress. She needed help. She was not my original client. However, we sat down and worked together to fix this problem.

She had switched jobs when she moved from Fort Lauderdale and was now eligible for a larger subsidy because her income had dropped. I took the time to put together a better Benefits Package in Blue Select and added a US Able Accident and a Critical Illness and a Compass Xpress for a total premium of $147. She was very happy and I made a great commission and a client for life. She has already sent me 4 referrals. This is just one example of the walk-ins we have every week because the big Florida Blue sign is in the front window.

So, welcome these Non-Client Wake-Ins because they create wonderful opportunities to turn disgruntle policyholders (Lemons) looking for help into happy clients (Lemonade) of yours who will spread the word of your excellent service. The power of the big Florida Blue sign in your Store window will make your Store the best place in your community for friendly service and affordable coverage.